Reme® Halo Whole Home Air Purification Installation

Franks AC and Heating is excited to be your premiere local installer of the REME Halo in-duct air purification system.

This revolutionary product is patented to treat every cubic inch of air conditioned space.

The results of installing the Halo system in the existing duct work is there is up to 99% kill of bacteria, molds and viruses that may be circulating in your home.

The list is long when it comes to benefits, but the primary ones that intrigued us was the proprietyatechnology, affordability and simplicity of the process.

Essentially, we are creating in your home what nature does when it comes to air purification.

Low level airborne hydrogen peroxide is disbursed into the AC system, but only when the blower is active.  This is a huge cost savings compared to having a separate air purification unit that has to run constantly and never really treats all the air.

This purifies the air pollutants at the source.
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Why Is This Important For YOUR Home...

Its been proven that indoor air quality is up to five times more polluted than outdoor air, simply because the indoor air is not properly sanitized.

Cleaners we use, pets and other air contaminants are just not filtered out effectively.  Most air conditioning systems and filters were never designed to purify air.  They are designed to filter, which is a big difference.

For anyone spending a lot of time indoors, its important to at least consider the impact the air quality in your home is affecting your health.  When you install the HALO-LED™ system, you'll experience a noticeable difference in the freshness and quality of the air you breathe.  

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