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What Has Caused My Air Conditioning Fan To Stop Spinning?

Sometimes it can be as simple as debris falling and wrapping itself around the fan hub, such as a plant or small vine. This would cause the fan to stop spinning.  If you feel comfortable enough, turn off the power to the outside unit. Make sure the panel circuit breaker and  the circuit breaker next to the exterior unit are turned off before continuing.

Remove the protective panels from your condenser and further investigate the fan. Clear away any visual debris and manually give the fan a spin to see if anything could be interfering with its movement.

Bearings are what allow a fan axle to turn. If your fan is not turning, you could have bad bearings. The unit will hum loudly, but the fan will not turn.

If your system is still trying to start and continues to hum but not spin, your condenser fan motor could be burnt out. To ensure safety and proper replacement, call a professional at Frank's AC to help you get your system running properly.
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Signs Your Capacitor Is Bad On Your AC Unit

Your capacitor is a tall cylinder or oval of shiny metal. The capacitor is what helps get your compressor and fan motor started inside the air conditioning unit.

You may tell if your capacitor is bad by looking at the outer shiny metal container. If the top is bulging the capacitor is defective. Also, if it is cracked or leaking, the capacitor is bad.

Without a proper working capacitor, the fan may not pin and the compressor may not move.

A motor that hums but does not start well is also a sign your capacitor is bad, and can lead to a motor burn out.

Bad capacitors have the ability to cause severe damage and the safest way to deal with a damaged capacitor is to give us a call at Frank's. With our expertise, we can safely and affordably help you with your AC unit! 
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How Can A New Furnace And Central Air Package Save Me Money?

As units get older, it is only natural they become less efficient and more recumbent to breakdowns. Even though regular maintenance can extend the life of most units, newer models integrate the more refined technology of newer, energy saving units.

A new furnace and central air package have better circulation than older models which lead to higher air quality and a more consistent air temperature.

Newer systems are more reliable, costing you less in repairs and demanding maintenance. During these sweltering Arizona summers, that is exactly what you should be looking for.

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